Submissions Guidelines

All creators should submit their proposals to:

Submissions without cover letters will not be considered.

The cover letter should include:
Synopsis of idea / story / themes
State of completion
Background of creator
Why Fictional Frontiers?

If a fictional novel / manuscript – three chapters of the draft and the outline.
If a book of poetry – 3-5 poems depending on length.
If a non-fictional work – an outline and three chapters / articles of the draft.
If a script for a graphic novel / play / film – up to 50 pages. 
If a TV script – an outline of the show and the entire episode script. 
If an art-based work (manga, graphic novel, picture book spreads) – the entire work if under 50 pages, or up to 50 pages if longer.
If an article for our platform – the entire article

If the work is incomplete or the idea is still in development – a detailed outline summarizing all key elements and the process going forward from a story-crafting perspective.