We’re a creator-first brand, built as the go-to platform.

Tapping into our team's experience working on the most successful intellectual properties, our "initiative" creates opportunities for storytellers from around the globe. We work with talents from a myriad of nations and cultures, each with their own languages, unique artforms, and narrative styles - collections and compendiums of stories brought forward for discovery by new audiences.

A “transmedia” approach: there are many mediums of storytelling and to each is their own style of learning, chosen genre, or art. We accommodate audiences whether they prefer fiction or non-fiction, novels, short stories, comics and manga, film or interaction and conversation.

While Fictional Frontiers aims to cater to a wide audience of all backgrounds, we have a particular interest in stories from and inspired by cultures and philosophies from underrepresented regions. The approach takes its lead from traditional arts of storytelling. Different communities of peoples from Kuala Lumpur to Timbuktu...our historically delved into varied creative arts: stories and teaching tales, a myriad of artistic styles, songs, music, plays and theatre.

There is symbolism, mystery, and deep meaning in the great works of art based on Truth. The spirit of the emotion it was designed to nurture on a grand scale reaches each individual in many small and beautiful ways. Fictional Frontiers holds the cultivation of true beauty at its heart.

What we are best at

Our Services

Creator Incubator
We take a grass-roots approach to creativity. Our incubator is creator-focused, which means centralizing our attentions on the cultivation of the creators first, and their various projects second. We help them grow in their chosen mediums and expand to others, developing their ideas not only into a single product but for widest audience reach and community benefit.
Multimedia Production
A variety of methods of storytelling and media forms. Books, graphic novels, manga, art, and music are in production. Also in the works are series for television, anime, films, and documentaries. Alongside these projects, there will be a variety of collectibles, garments and textiles, toys, and games.
Digital Platform
We are launching our digital subscription platform on which we will release weekly and monthly content in the form of our graphic novels, serialized books, cultural and human-interest essays, media commentary articles, community livestreams, videos on story analysis and industry expert interviews.
Training and Mentorship
We have internship opportunities across our departments and a fluid movement between them. We recognize the transferability of skillsets, and appreciate the contributions made between areas and team members. Our interns can enter a particular department and gain training and experience for their career development, while also having the opportunity to work in other departments as their interest and capabilities expand.
Traditional Publishing
In addition to our multimedia production, we are also print publishers with a traditional submission, acquisition, publication set up. Storytellers can submit their queries through query@fictionalfrontiers.com. Their submissions will go through our assessment process and those we feel are best in line with our vision will be selected.
Editorial Development
Our editors work with creators through their story process, sometimes from the point of a ready draft, sometimes from outline, and sometimes from the seeds of an idea. We acquire creators and stories through our submission process and go through a hands-on period of developmental editing. We also match creators and intellectual properties with like-minded story crafting partners, whose collaboration can bring out the best of a story.
Submissions are open
Send proposals toquery@fictionalfrontiers.com
Provide a cover letter with a synopsis of your story / proposal outline, and which medium you feel it is best suited for (book, graphic novel, etc). Attach up to three chapters of a novel, or the equivalent in a different medium. Not a storyteller? No worries! We want to hear from you – whether it’s a pitch, developed story-line, or just the seeds of an idea, we welcome anyone interested in building this initiative.