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Launching July 2023
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A pop culture initiative. Bringing together the best narrative talents inspired by the Muslim world. Fictional Frontiers is an emerging subscription platform developing books, graphic novels, manga, art, television, animation & music.
What we do

Elevate & inspire through storytelling

At Fictional Frontiers, our commitment is to uplift spirits and kindle imagination through the power of storytelling. We strive to showcase narratives that resonate, incite thought, and inspire a deeper understanding of our shared human experience.

Represent Muslims in western media

Our mission extends to amplifying Muslim voices and experiences, bringing to light the rich tapestry of narratives often overlooked in Western media. We’re dedicated to fostering representation, promoting understanding, and challenging stereotypes through the power of compelling storytelling.

Upcoming releases

Beyond the Forest

The Graphic Novel

By Noor Yusuf

Jem, Mikael and Munira are drawn into the heart of the woods by an otherworldly creature and the irresistible whisper of destiny. But the adventures that await take them far beyond, carrying them into timeless myths and the legendarium of the mystics of old: the Awliya.


The Manga Series

By Alex Irzaqi

The unseen realities of good and evil have been brought forth and manifested in the physical world. Long trained in the Pesantren schools of mystical martial arts, the Muhaqqiq warriors must banish them and restore those lost.

Submissions are open
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Provide a cover letter with a synopsis of your story / proposal outline, and which medium you feel it is best suited for (book, graphic novel, etc). Attach up to three chapters of a novel, or the equivalent in a different medium. Not a storyteller? No worries! We want to hear from you – whether it’s a pitch, developed story-line, or just the seeds of an idea, we welcome anyone interested in building this initiative.